Sunday, 16 September 2012

Recipes for the Barely Vertical

Often when looking for something to cook, one doesn't want to lurch an elaborate project into motion, with scores of ingredients and a timetable that looks like it should end in -zoic or -aceous. Sometimes you just want something to make for dinner that night, a weeknight say, when you have more important things to be doing than slaving over a hot stove – like slaving over a hot game system or computer.

It is with this in mind that I've introduced a new label category, “Lazy Fuck Recipes.” We're all lazy fucks at one time or another, me above all.   Now you don't have to feel bad about it.

I will mainly designate something this way if it's easy-peasy to throw together in a brief amount of time.  It was suggested that I should limit the number of ingredients to five or less, but if you're that lazy, go have cereal for dinner and get off my case.  We have to draw the line somewhere.  The very idea!

Just remember: cooking's not all that hard and doesn't have to be a hassle if you prep first and clean as you go.  I'm not the most ambitious or adventurous cook – I know what I like, and want to find the best ways to make what I like so I can spend as little time making things and cleaning up after it, and more time stuffing my face with it.  Maybe you'll be inspired to branch out of the lazy fuck stuff and into some other things.  Or don't; it's OK.  Just cook, whatever you do.