Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Feeding the Five Thousand - with Tuna Surprise and Toast

My Grandma was a school cook once upon a time, and recently my Dad gave me a couple of her old recipe books from those cafeteria days back in the 1930s and 40s.  If you ever need 480 servings of Sloppy Joe's, now you know where to turn.  You're welcome.

Pizza-for-One?  Fuck you, Mama Celeste!  We've got pizza for 350 here!

Though just what a "Do-Dog Crust" is, I'm unsure.  I think I'm glad I brought my lunch to school.


 Toast: now in only four easy steps.  The former five steps were just overkill, really...

Read, mark, learn, and... errr... inwardly digest.  Literally.

And above all, make sure you're well-stocked in "flavouring."


  1. I wonder what she used for a half teaspoon of flavoring?

  2. This whole blog is nothing short of a disgrace. I wish it every success

  3. Oh Hux, you'll make me well up if you go on so sentimentally. *sniff*