Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sweet Diversion

After a warm morning's hiking around the South Yuba River this weekend, my son and I headed home via one of my favourite little California towns, Nevada City.  It was time for some ice cream from the delightfully old-fashioned Nevada City Chocolate Shoppe.  This place has become a staple for satisfying a sweet tooth when we're travelling in the area.

The place has a wonderful old-time candy store feel and is family-run.  Service is a bit variable, and the $10 credit/debit card minimum can be inconvenient if you're not prepared (there isn't a readily accessible cash machine around that I could find), but we've always enjoyed the ice cream and chocolates we've gotten there.

We love perusing the mix of sweets - some familiar, some strange, some yum, some "what the hell?"

We opted for coconut ice cream and rainbow sherbet.  I daresay we chose wisely.

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