Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cheese Plus... and They Mean It!

Cheese Plus in San Francisco celebrated its 7th anniversary yesterday, and I just happened to visit - what luck!  I love this place - they have, I think, the widest selection of cheesy goodness in the city.  For their anniversary they had a selection of artisanal foods from around Northern California - cheeses, crackers, pancakes, salami, biscotti - I practically had a full meal from the variety of samples, which they weren't stingy with.  The caramelised onion crackers (one of my favourite flavours for just about anything) made at a little start-up bakery in Sacramento were the BEST!

While in the city I also visited Molinari's Deli, which has such on old-fashioned feel about the shop.  It's always jam-packed with people waiting for sandwiches, but it's fun to wedge yourself in and look around, anyway.

And finally, lunch at The Stinking Rose (smell-o-vision isn't working, sorry).

This was me by the end of the day:

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