Sunday, 29 July 2012

Gugelhupf Grief

I've been experimenting with recipes for gugelhupf since finding a pan that was perfect for it in a charity shop for $1.  I wasn't thrilled with the first one I tried, as it contained obscene amounts of eggs and butter (about six months' WWII rations' worth) and yet it came out dry.  I didn't bother taking photos, since I had found a recipe that seemed more proportional.  So I tried it today, assured that this one would be a success.

Seemed to be going OK...

Sure, it cooked in only about half the time the recipe stated, but it smelled great and looked right...

And then, although I'd greased the pan well, disaster struck!  Half of it refused to relinquish the pan, and had to be pried out against its will with a spoon.  Bastard cake.


...please avert your eyes if the sight of massacred cakes disturbs you...

...the finished product!  TA-DA!

Ah well, thankfully we don't stand on ceremony in this house, and it actually tasted wonderful.  I am a bit deflated on the gugelhupf project for the moment, though, it must be said. Bastard cake.  Did I say that already?


  1. Hmmm.... re-assemble, drizzle with simple icing, and serve by candle light with plenty of kirsch. It's what Julia would do.

    Also, grease *and* flour.

  2. *cry*

    You're right, I need to be a big girl. And plus... kirsch. mmm, kirsch.