Monday, 4 June 2012


Normally I'd be trying to whet your appetite, but sometimes there are things so heinous, such abominations that make the senses revolt in an almost primeval manner, that the pain must be shared as some sort of species memory.  Savoury Jell-O is one of these.  What fiendish mind devised this detestable mucilaginous foulness?  Yes, I know savoury aspics have a long and illustrious, if rather icky, history, but they reached a nauseating zenith in the 50s and 60s thanks to the fine food scientists at Jell-O and the luridly-coloured advertisements of the day.


The olives in that one look like eyes staring back at you, imploring you to eat it any put it out of its infernal misery - but little do you know that the true misery begins when you take a bite of this gelatinous cheesy pimentoey glorp!  This is the George Romero of gelatins.

Mayo, fish, vinegar and gelatin... the only thing that could improve upon that would be salad dressing, olives and celery.  :-/  Green grotto?  You'll be feeling green and grotty, I'd wager.  "Fine foods needn't be expensive!"  Or... fine, even.  The 'food' part may be debatable, too...

Yes.  It makes "something."  It's called shit. 


Meat goo and grapes.  Save me.

They look so pretty and colourful until you realise what they're made out of.  And then the horror never quite leaves you.


Just because you can put anything into Jell-O doesn't mean you should.


This thing suffers from a bad case of ring mold.

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