Tuesday, 5 June 2012

We Need A Really Catchy Name... I Know! FOOD STICKS!!

Pillsbury Food Sticks... plain name for plain food.  Or make that "food."  Purportedly it was food; just not as we earthlings knew it.  Yet I loved these as a kid, even though they were, in retrospect, entirely without merit or value as far as presentation, look, or mouth-feel.  For a child who subsisted mainly on these, Chef Boyardee canned ravioli, cereal, and grilled cheese sandwiches, it's amazing I ever learned to appreciate decent food.  Or maybe that's exactly why I do.

Chocolate and orange were my faves.  Peanut butter, not so much.  I don't remember the choc mint, and that's the one I might have liked best.  Mmmm, I can practically taste that modelling clay consistency right now! (teehee: save SEVEN WHOLE CENTS!!)

Swank advertising campaign, too:

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